The Journey of the Fairy Godmother

Content Note: Abuse

So here we are. I’m writing a blog. I never thought I would actually do this, and certainly not about such a personal and sensitive topic. But, like I said, here we are. I don’t fully understand why I’m documenting this journey on the internet (seems foolish, tbh). I suppose I’m hoping that this blog will help someone else who has suffered at the hands of people who are supposed to love them.

The idea of the Fairy Godmother came up in my weekly therapy. I was discussing with my psychologist my need to protect the children in my life (there are 6, none of them are my biological children). But I feel an overwhelming need to make sure nothing bad happens to them, that they are safe and loved and never made to feel scared for their safety. She mentioned that I was almost like a fairy godmother, and how would the fairy godmother trope would look when “little me” was the one being protected.

So this blog is to explore that concept. How would my childhood have been different if I’d had a fairy godmother when I needed her? What would I do if I, as an adult, could go back and help myself as a child? It’s going to be a long, difficult journey, but it will be so worth it for my own sanity.

Thanks for sharing the ride,

The Fairy Godmother


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